Our U.S. patented Sutter Retaining Wall is comprised of similar sized retaining wall posts ("H-post") that are connected to each other with 50" or 53" caps which together make the retaining wall. MR88 Anchor Kits consisting of 6' all-thread and the anchor are used for each H-post to anchor the H-post and keep it from falling. We do not supply the wood material that is inserted between the posts.

H-posts and the 90° and 45° corner posts can be ordered in standard 2' up to 10' lengths, and come in standard steel finish or galvanized. The caps can be ordered in standard 50", 53", 60" or 72" lengths. All posts and caps can be powdercoated to customer specifications upon request.

We also offer a 54" drive gad, load lockers, and driver heads for h-posts and rebar.

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Installation Example (more difficult than normal because of rock)