• • Requires less than ½ labor and time to install compared to block walls

    • No cement or post holes required

    • Prefabricated components are fire resistant and longer-lasting

    • Will accommodate all types of soil and rock

    • Handrails can be easily installed

    • Complete packaged systems

    • Uses standard 2” thick material

    • Can be modified to fit thicker materials

    • Posts and caps can be supplied in plain steel, powder coat finish, galvanized



    Our U.S. patented Sutter Retaining Wall is comprised of similar sized retaining wall posts ("H-post") that are connected to each other with 50" or 53" caps which together make the retaining wall. MR88 Anchor Kits consisting of 6' all-thread and the anchor are used for each H-post to anchor the H-post and keep it from falling. We do not supply the wood material that is inserted between the posts.


    H-posts and the 90° and 45° corner posts can be ordered in standard 2' up to 10' lengths, and come in standard steel finish, powder-coated, or galvanized. The caps can be ordered in standard 50", 53", 60" or 72" lengths.


    We also offer a 54" drive gad, load lockers, and driver heads for h-posts and rebar.


    Contact us for pricing and ordering.


  • Add and rearrange any components you want.

    Installation Example

    This installation is more difficult because of the rock.

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