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    No hydraulic power unit - all-electric, adjustable comb


    The Sutter Trail Rock Rake is the ideal landscape rake for trail maintenance and grooming, farmers, contractors, homeowners, and professional landscapers.

  • Its many uses include:


    • landscape rake for tractors
    • ATV landscape rake
    • dirt trail maintenance
    • gravel road grading
    • renovation of pastures
    • removal of rocks, roots or trash
    • maintenance of all types of lots
    • preparing seedbeds
    • so much more...


    The Sutter Trail Rock Rake features electronic components that extend the 12-volt battery life. With no hydraulic power unit, reservoir or hoses, your maintenance costs will be lower than other landscape rakes.

    The heavy-duty frame and 8-inch wheels will withstand all terrains and surface types, and the powder-coat paint finish will last longer than standard paint finishes.

    The comb is adjustable by push buttons on the control panel that attaches to the ATV handlebars – adjust to 3" below to 6" above grade, with an angle to 45 degrees maximum

    Best of all, it's made in the U.S.A.


    • Pull behind ATV for trail grooming
    • Outside wheel dimension 48"
    • Comb width 48" to 60"
    • Comb adjustable by push button on ATV
    • Comb adjusts to below grade and above
    • Comb angles
    • Electronic components extend 12v battery life
    • Heavy-duty frame with ATV bearing wheels
    • Powder Coat finish for corrosion resistance


    We are listed in the Federal Highway Administration Mechanized Trail Building & Maintenance Equipment Database


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